New beginnings, Random thoughts

Finally, a beginning to a blog?

Ever since the beginning of this academic year, my inner voice would tell me – “It’s time that you record your life experiences”. I vividly recall replying to my inner voice saying “I have no time”. However, over the last nine months, I’ve started to realize the true meaning of time. You may have heard the saying – “You always have time for the things you put first” resonating the thought of priorities.  As an avid writer, I recall having to always wanted to write a blog of my life experiences for keepsake. However, being a seventeen year old, the prolonged battle with the International Baccalaureate never allowed to me do so. Either way, today, I told myself – to new beginnings. Essentially, my way of making time.
Alright. Back to the gist of the blog itself. It has been precisely nine months since I decided to strive for a way to challenge myself by applying for a boarding school. Firstly, never did I think that I would get into one of the United World Colleges, secondly, never did I imagine myself stepping out of my eternal comfort zone – South Island School. Coming to Li Po Chun United World College took a major turn in my life. As much as I strived to start this blog earlier on in the year, I feel this blog will serve as a platform of commemoration and a form of reflection. It’s only when I arrived here did I echo the saying “Time flies by when you’re having fun”. Now the latter part of the quote is highly debatable, but time does fly, that too, quickly – when you’re consumed in an immensely fast paced world. Nine months here has shaped me into a person I never perceived myself to be. Nine months now, I’ve bonded with teenagers from over 60 different countries and across seven diverse continents. Nine months later, I’ve learnt the existence of a Lesotho – a country in Africa. So much has happened in the past nine months that I cannot summarise within one blog entry.
From living with a room mate from Mexico to eating dinner with a Uruguayan to lying on a Kenyan’s bed reminiscing Model United Nation memories – I’ve experienced it all in in the past few months. Two terms have passed and yet I feel overwhelmed by shots of happiness and jars of emptiness. Two terms done. Two terms left. Two out of four. Yet, I’m pondering to find a purpose of me being here, moreover, the purpose of life itself. I’m genuinely grateful to attend a school which quite literally is filled with 58% of students from overseas. Located in the far side of Hong Kong, a bubble within itself known as Wu Kai Sha – a college that most Hong Kongers would be unfamiliar with. Yet being here feels different. Different in both a good and a bad aspect. Anyway, the purpose of the blog you ask? Telling you I have anxiety issues would be an understatement.  Never have I ever lived in the moment, I’m always bound by the future and that is because I’m scared of what is to come. The point is, ten years from now, nothing will be the same. I won’t be the same. My life won’t be the same and nor will this blog I’m scrambling to write. I aspire to (hopefully) be living in the city of my dreams – New York. Hopefully at 27, I’ll have my life together (who am I kidding), and will be able to look back at this blog, at a seventeen year old me and reminisce the childhood I’ve experienced whilst sipping my coffee in a subway on my way to work. The sound of that itself leaves me with numerous goosebumps. Excitement too.
Okay. I’ll admit, the main reason I’ve even brought myself to write this is because I do not want to study for my upcoming Environmental and Systems and Societies quiz (which is tomorrow), nor do I want to study about Central banks being the powerhouse of countries. Education has become a limitation than as to a exploration for students to be engaged learners, but if I were to go on about that – it would be on a whole other post. I sincerely hope through this entry, you’ve gotten a sense of the kind of person I am and my purpose to even spend twenty minutes of my revision time relieving stress through the beauty of words.

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