The End (of Year 1)..


10.48 pm
Setting – Home Sweet Home (finally!)
Brace yourself for a long, reflective and feelsy post.
The last few days have officially come to an end. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been overwhelmed by a roller coaster of emotions. Before I go into the nitty-gritty of it, allow me to process the actions of these past few days. Thursday May 18 concluded the IB exams for all students across the world and I can just imagine the rush of emotions that my second years might have felt. I genuinely wonder how the feeling of concluding the writing of your future on multiple pieces paper feels like.
Friday May 19 saw us being invited by our head of house – Wendy Liu Hayes (Head of House Block 2) to the Head of House drinks and snacks. She has put in immense effort in terms of preparing the food they turned out to be absolutely mouth-watering (refer to the image(s)). It was our final time gathering as an entire block along with our respective tutors to commemorate the year and offer a conclusion the Year 2’s UWC chapter. It was heartwarming because as a block, both first and second years were very well-connected. It was lovely to gather as a block for “One Last Time” – an iconic saying that little did I know, I’d be hearing multiple times a day for the next couple of days following Friday.
On Friday, we also had our final special dinner as a whole school bidding our farewells to two teachers – Amy Clark (Teacher of Geography & Global Politics) and Debbie Chan (my Year 1 Math teacher!). I had the honour of getting to know both women beyond a “student-teacher” relationship. Amy was the teacher in charge of my China Week trip back in November 2016 – typing it out now, it feels like months ago. Her charisma and ability to extend her help throughout the trip was an aspect that I admired most about her. Aside that, I’ve heard she’s an amazing teacher even though she doesn’t teach me. Debbie on the other hand, is someone I have bonded throughout the year. Maths SL being my least favorite of subjects had always made me encounter a plethora of difficulties. Debbie was there for me throughout the Year 1 journey whether it was providing external help, providing advice to use further resources or just make me feel better. I truly appreciated her unlike many others because her perseverance to help her students prevailed strongly throughout my time with her. Almost all her lessons were of vivid memory to me because of her charismatic personality. It’s inevitable that I will miss her genuinely and her sassy antiques – grateful to her for pushing me harder and motivating me throughout the year. I bid her farewell and wish her the best of luck for her future. [Side note: all these feels are finally hitting me like a truck as I write this]. Special Dinner made me sense a strong community that I was part for so long, yet I only realized the speciality of it. This was followed by us receiving our Yearbooks and proceeding to sign it with an abundance of messages to last an eternity.
Saturday May 20 – the day had finally arrived. The official graduation day. I was excited yet weary of the fact that my time with my second years was lapsing – and that too, very quickly! It was an emotional day that saw the arrival of parents, siblings and friends from around t the world at 10 Lok Wo Sha Lane commemorating the graduation of their children, friends and sisters/brothers. There was a pre-drinks gathering the courtyard and diversity shined bright as every, exquisite Hungarian national costumes and Costa Rica sombrero. All of which encapsulated this little bubble and made it special. Following the pre-drinks, we hailed onto our buses that drove us to up to Chinese University of Hong Kong – The Shaw College lecture theatre (a bigger venue) to watch the people who welcomed us with open arms receive their UWC Diploma. I was particularly proud to see specific individuals (also known as Trisha Kibugi, Ashwin Nair, Shravan Ramaswamy, Rachel Lin, Olivia Thierly, Priscilla Lam (roomie) & Smriti Roy) receive their diploma. These were people who shaped my first year experience and it would have not been the same without their presence. A day I will remember for a very long time.
Sunday May 21 – [FINAL CAFE & MUSIC NIGHT] Yes, you read that right. After 9 months of talent, it was time to take a final bow for “One Last Time”. This time, I decided to “actually” perform because it had been long since I was under the spotlight. Who better to ask than a “desi enthusiast” herself – Trisha was happy to dance alongside me and that meant the world to me. We danced to a fusion of songs. It felt right to be back on stage (not literally) after a while. What better way than to top it up with a barbecue dinner preceded by more Yearbook signing and heavy feelings. I still remember staying the courtyard till 2:35 am to get all the pages in my Yearbook signed by the second years. These late nights/early morning memories that made everything complete. Oh, we also had our final tutor brunch that morning. Trevor and the rest of us headed down to Jaspas in Sai Kung for an ambrosial breakfast that was throughly enjoyed with the entire tutor group.
Monday May 22 sped by as Clearance Day. We quite literally spent the entire day packing everything. It took me hours of packing to compress 9 months of my life into one suitcase and multiple black packing bags. As the room got emptier, so did my heart. The farewells started from this day on and waiting at the gate with a bunch of lovely people filled with endless tears felt odd and almost unfamiliar to me. I spent the early morning playing Mafia in Block 4 with eight friendly faces and had a conversation till 3 am with Haibah. He’s one of those special people who you meet once in a lifetime. Calm, mature, reassuring, and to me felt like an older brother. May 22 – marked one of my favorite days at LPCUWC.
Nearing the end of the last few days, I did not entirely process the fact that my second years were leaving. It was only when I was standing at the gate myself did I realize that reality was taking shape, ends were nearing, people were ready to fly to sixty different countries. I was honoured to have crossed paths with some of these incredible people who I never thought I’d meet. Goodbye after goodbye, Tuesday May 23 reminded me that it was my turn to leave. At 2:30 pm, Audrey, Stephanie and I were greeted by beautiful souls at the gate greeting us off. Some faces that we will see in 3 months time, others, not for a long time. Once again an eerie feeling.
Yet, I was almost equally longing to go home. Most of all, I was ecstatic to see what my second years will be up to in a few days, months and years time. It fills me with great happiness. I believe goodbyes aren’t forever, they’re merely an “I will miss you” till we meet again. With that being said, if you are one of my second years’ or even a part of the Class of 2017 anywhere – I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors and that the world is being place at your doorstep, it’s up to you to choose the path to take.
Thank you for everything. You will be dearly missed. With love and luck for today, tomorrow and the future ahead.
Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari [ HK/IND Class of 2018 ]

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