Summer 2017

3 weeks of Summer has passed already?!

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”

Albert Camus

3:47 pm

No deep posts with heavy feelings this time, I promise (we’ll save that for the later part of summer).
~ in the comfort of my bed, while many are at school ~
Where has the time flown? It has already been three weeks since I came home. My anxiety and persistent checking of the calendar and the time has made me realise that time is ticking away. I know I may have said this repeatedly throughout my previous posts, but it feels like yesterday I repacked all my bags, trudged up ten floors up the lift with hefty bags, boxes and with a security guard staring at me with an appalling expression. Funny thinking about it now. I’ve started missing school lately, it was hectic, but there was always something to do and that genuinely kept me going. Whether it was the late night conversations, asking Memo to lower the volume of his loud Venezuelan music or asking Ashwin to help me solve Math problems – just two months ago, all of this was alive.
So what have I been up to the last three weeks? To be completely honest, my life hasn’t gotten any exciting since I last wrote a post. I’ve enjoyed having a lot of “me” time – something I lacked off during my time at school. Whether it was being able to snuggle in my bed reading about Huxley’s conditioning of people in order to recreate a happier society or engrossing myself studying Phillips Curve for Economics – I have truly commemorated the last few weeks. I reconciled with my love for nature and being able to walk by the seashore every night; an aspect of home that I really missed. It’s also safe to say that I’ve been putting my Spotify Premium to good use (finally) after barely being able to listen to audible music [mock exam struggles]. Most of all, I had great laughs looking at everyone’s snapchats to see what my friends have been up to the last few weeks whether it be school or Grad trips. Speaking of grad trips…I was genuinely wondering if anyone went elsewhere apart from Koh Samui, Thailand (haha). Nevertheless, seems like a blast from what I’ve seen so far.
I also reminisced my childhood and had the chance to go to Disneyland last Friday after nearly two years. I was absolutely ecstatic. It had changed so much since I had last gone and it was almost like going to Disneyland for the first time. It’s truly as they say, “a whole new world”. It made me realize that Disneyland is one of those places where regardless of your age, you’ll find an aspect of the park that brings a smile to your face just because you find your strong connection with this one aspect even if it’s not directly in relation with your childhood. This was a factor I found so delighting and without a doubt it’ll have a place in my heart. It was nice to know I grew up with these characters and it gave me the chance to walk down the memory lane when I use to binge watch Lion King or the  await the Beast turn into a charming Prince in Beauty and the Beast.
Yesterday [June 11], I got to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years! Cherian and I spent a good chunk of our childhood with each other since we have countless mutual friends and also happened to be family friends. It was always fun being around him when I was younger until he moved to Singapore, four years ago. He’s in Hong Kong for a few  days and had just graduated. It was lovely catching up with him. For starters, I could barely recognise his post-pubescent voice. We met up at a family friend’s house for lunch and later headed out to Causeway Bay (the “city center” as he called it). The poor guy was deprived of urban areas after living in a relatively more rural area in Singapore. Like always, it was great to catch up over bubble tea, garlic noodles, chocolate milk and whatnot. What I found most fascinating was how much are lives had change within the span of 4 years. It was hilarious to hear his Koh Sa stories too. As he spoke of post-IB I took a moment to think how it would feel to graduate and be able to escape the wrath of IB (soooooon!).
Till then – bye for now!

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