Finality, LPCUWC

Christmas (how to procrastinate during university application season)

2:27 am (yes, it’s a long post)

Hello. Yes, yet again, three months have passed since I last wrote about my return to 10 Lok Wo Sha Lane. Amazing how, since then, the Term 3 I was anticipating has come to an end and I’m almost through my last Christmas break before graduation. I genuinely did not expect “the last two years” of my high school to flash as quick as it has been. I attempted to make use of my third term wisely, yet I was swamped with internal assessments, extended essay draft, and tests, but I’m incredibly proud to have pulled through it all. The past three months have been nothing but pure joy from getting to know my roommates, other first years and rekindling friendships. It is crazy how much has changed in just one year – transitioning from a first year to a second year has placed many things into perspectives for me.  
This term was packed with several activities from African Cultural Evening to European Cultural Evening. Both of which did not fail to impress, cultural evenings are a sole reminder as to my reason to move schools and to be exposed to a profound sense of diversity that cannot be matched anywhere else. I was proud to be able to see my friends work so hard in piecing together a night for us to remember and to celebrate our differences – encapsulating the true spirit of a United World College. On the side note, SAT season came to a close with subject tests in November followed by a final SAT 1 in December. It was a wonderful feeling to have wrapped the term with standardized testing to validate our ability to qualify for universities in the US (as if the IB wasn’t hard enough). This term, I enjoyed having “me” time, something I felt like I missed during the previous terms (not that it was a bad thing). It made me reflect holistically about my transition within my academics and as a person, how far I’ve come. I’m guessing you can call it one of those “mid-reflections” you face as my UWC journey is coming to an end.
December has surprisingly been the month that has been the quickest. It seemed like just yesterday when I was smiling as I could “finally” submit my UC applications and here I am pushing through my Common App university portal as I strive to complete my pending supplements that are a testament to my “true” character. Apart from ECE, this month was/is the final push for second years with final submissions to coursework, consisted of final catch-ups before the Christmas break and a wonderful bowling block activity! If there’s one person I’ve gotten to know well, that would have to be my Universities Guidance Counselor, Ariel Lau. It is Ariel’s first year at the college as our universities counselor and I didn’t know her as well in the beginning. After several sessions with her to finalize my university list, to me, she became a friend, a mentor and someone I started to look up to. I believe it is a common notion to say that Ariel has become more of a friend to most of us second years than just an “LPC staff”. Her credentials, assuring, kind-personality and ability to resonate with us make the process of applying to university less stressful. All-in-all, I’m very grateful to have met her and would like to use this post as an opportunity to thank her for listening to my lame yet entertaining stories, my “consultation” slots that turn into me ranting and constantly having to see her to convince myself that I will be “okay”.
Looking back now, Term 3 was far from what I had expected it to be. As usual, there was always something new going on, reminding me every day as to why I am here with 200 kids from around the globe.
Weird to think Christmas is almost coming to a close! Last week, Mark (Fiji ’18), Sam (HK ’18), Wisdom (Ghana ’19), Ahmed (Yemen ’18) and Vibushita (Sri Lanka ’19 – who I hosted for the break) were over for dinner. We were blessed with Chef Ahmed’s cooking, Biriyani – our all-time favorite and dish of significance. It was nice catching up with them and hearing about their Christmas break with their respective host families and time at the youth hostel. On December 26th, some of us, LPCers were invited to Gloria (HK ’17) and Crystal’s (HK ’18) house for a Christmas dinner. Gloria graduated in 2017 from LPC and moved to the US for college. She was one of the second years I’ve had fond memories of and it was lovely catching up with her. The night ended with us (Disal, Vibu, Kad, Koye, Shrav, and Oti) being stranded in Sai Kung with no transportation within our vicinity. Thanks to Shrav’s brilliant navigational skills, we found Koye and Oti a ride to Mong Kok back to their youth hostel and the rest of us ended up at HKUST to find our respective transport from there onwards.
Looking forward, I’m unsure if I’m ready for my one final ride of high school. Moving to LPC has changed my perspective and expectations of the last two years of high school in general. It has transformed from what teenagers believe to be “daunting”, “stressful” and “full of breakdowns” to one that was, yes, “stressful”, “fun” and “unforgettable”. I believe it was this way because of the people I found myself with. A little tribute to those that kept me sane during Term 3. Eternal love for you all.
Starting with roommates tolerating my rants, annoying alarms and my commendable ability to continue having something to say and for never actively making the effort to get bubble tea for myself. Chloe (Thailand ’18), Camilla, (Italy/Ethiopia ’19) and Queenia (HK ’19) will forever be an irreplaceable part of my memory. Thank you for always bringing me bubble tea and food.
Crystal Kwan (HK ’18) – for always reminding me that there was Spanish homework and with me always reminding her about English. Forever will you be my partner in crime during 12 am cram sessions and hating on Katharina Blum. As she loses her honor, I’ve lost my patience.
Afraz Hassan (Bangladesh ’18) & Kagan Yanik (Turkey ’18) – for being able to show me what true friendship means and always opening the door for me precisely when “inter-dorming” begins. I mean, who follows rules, anyway? It is always a pleasure to binge watch tv shows with you or to have genuine conversations.
Nadia Rahimatpure (UAE ’18) – for always being online at oddly hours at night/early morning and keeping me company by always asking me if I have food. I find you in my room for the most random of reasons but it always ends up with an interesting conversation.
Jasmine Chan (HK ’18) – for a friendship that goes way back in time. Thank you for always reminding me to wake up for an ESS morning block and being my closet provider. Your clothes always have a reason to find their way to my pile of awful mess. Thanks for laughing at my unmatched sense of humor and my receding gum that is yet to be fixed.
Justin Yeung (HK ’18) & Stephanie Leung (HK ’18) – for always being my right-hand in Math SL. Without the two of you, I don’t think I could ever comprehend the unpredictability of Math. Thank you for making Math seem more fun than it actually is. To the final four months of Scottish Kahoot, fighting over textbooks and roasting each other.
Gabriel Chan (HK ’18) – for making me lose the bet we had and making me wait for 2 hours in line for Ichiran. Oh, and of course, teaching me Math. If it weren’t for Math, I doubt we’d be the good friends we are. I may not say it that much but thank you for always being there. We will make it and you will somehow buy me dinner.
Sam Hui (HK ’18) – for everything. “I will miss you” means nothing as it cannot encompass the year and a half. To more fence-side conversations. Nothing can come between good friends, not even the Director of Student Welfare.
Guillermo Rodriguez (Venezuela ’18) – for just always making sure we catch up regardless of the time and day. Thanks for always calling me “extra af”, you are truly a brother I never had.  It is always reassuring speaking to you and always gives me a calm feeling. I will never forget your inability to change soap from one bottle to another. Te quiero mucho, hermano.
Vimukthi Sylvester (Sri Lanka ’19) – for letting me always steal your paper and impeccable ability to sleep through everything. Tutor group would never be the same without you. I look forward to spending more time with you next term. My carpet will forever be your second bed.
Trevor’s fan club (my tutor group) – for making me look forward to Wednesdays every two weeks. It has never been mundane with you bunch. You are all a very special part of my LPC memory.  To more inside jokes and teaching Trevor 21st century slang.
Maryse Chan (HK ’18) – though I didn’t spend much time with you this term, I don’t think there’s been a day where we never messaged each other. Thank you for being a “Common Application buddy” as we attempted to be productive and ended up cursing the rigged university system in place. (Oh, thank you, Ken, too)
Lambo Sivasubramanian (Sri Lanka ’18) – though I barely saw you this term, your smile always makes my day. You help me keep in touch with my root with me elating you with you “Americanized” Tamil. You’re always laughing at my ability to whine about anything and for that I thank you. (We’ll get into uni, don’t worry HAHA).
Elijah Samson (Cayman ’19) – thought I forgot you? HA. Save the best for the last? When are you not in my room? Or when was I not in yours? Thank you for being a constant support and always being there to listen, whatever it may be. I could never have pulled through without your (100%) real shade and for always keeping everything real. Remember, our Subway is still pending. It’s also time to buy your own CANA book. My love to Nicole.
Inevitably, there are so many more people who I found myself spending time with and for that, I thank you. 3/4 down, with one-fourth of unlocked mystery left to be open. LPC, I’m ready for one final ride. Thank you for so far would be an understatement. Until next time.

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