Finality, LPCUWC

Goodbye, till next time.

10:30 pm 

Hey there. I have come to the conclusion that I’m ridiculous when it comes to keeping this blog alive.  Six months and more indeed and quite frankly, difficult for me to believe. Although I cannot keep up with the passing of time, it is finally time for me to conclude on the chapter named 10 Lok Wo Sha Lane. No longer will I be filling in forms with that address that holds a wealth of memories, no longer will I be referring to my residence as “that school in China”, nor will I be able to use the farness of LPCUWC as an excuse for holding meetings in Kowloon Tong rather than on Hong Kong Island. The time has finally come to say goodbye. I realized, though, I have been speaking of this as a “moment to come”, now that it is finally here, I am profoundly lost for words. 
The last five months can be succinctly summarized with “overwhelming, unanticipated and rife”. Now to the concision:


January saw the end of university application season and the joy of becoming “best friends” with the “Submit” button. The thought of no more UCAS/Common App or Hong Kong portals shined gleefully – well at least for the next three months. January did not hold much deviation from the last of workloads and the impeding IOCs. It was also that time of the year when Challenge Day took place, it was time to recruit UWC’s Class of 2020 and just the sound of the made me feel old. Like always, it was a special event to me that I never failed to take part in. It serves as a reminder to me of my two-year-long journey, where it all began and the reason so many individuals want to be a part of this special mission. To those that are unfamiliar, Challenge Day is the second round of the selection process in applying to LPCUWC/any UWC. The day provides you an opportunity to engage in daily college life and your fit in both the environment and the UWC mission. It is one of the best opportunities for prospective candidates to receive a full picture of what their life at LPCUWC will look like. Challenge Day sees over 100 alumni volunteers, Year 1 and Year 2 helpers and the Director of Admissions (Kate Kam) running the day. The event is definitely not possible without all hands on deck in running the activities, encouraging interaction and getting to know the candidates on a personal level to see their fit in the school. I saw myself facilitating one of the Challenge Day groups alongside my second year from last year (Kento Sakata HK/Japan ’17). It was an eventful day that saw us engross in a range of activities, speak to alumni and to gain a better understanding of future UWC students.
January saw the second last cultural evening of the year, CLACE (Caribbean Latin American Cultural Evening) come to life. It was certainly as a beautiful evening filled with laughter, music and an abundance of food. It was an incredibly special day for all my Latin American and Caribbean friends as we saw a fusion of disparate cultures in coming together and piecing a show that represented their continent and islands around the region.


By the end of February was when I saw myself sigh in relief of all that went on that month. Mocks were right around the corner and all the Year 2s were working hard in consolidating our two year’s worth of work. I too was busily immersed in this process until four days into February, I get a call. A call that summarized the deterioration of my maternal grandmother’s health and her hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit for over two weeks. The latter of which was untold to me so that I would be able to continue revising for mocks without any disorder. Unfortunately, there was a point where her health only worsened and I had made the decision to fly to India to visit her with the thought of the worst case scenario. To those that know me well would know that I have always grown up with both sets of my grandparents all my life and to the extent at which I was close to them. The news was something that I took to heart and felt it was right to take the time to spend with my grandmother knowing that the time given to us is finite. Flying down to India meant I had to miss all of my mock exams which took me a while to process considering the amount of time I had put into the process of preparing for it. Nevertheless, I felt that the decision I made was correct and upon arriving was very happy to spend time with my family. This was so important to my grandmother and I was glad I could make it.

March – April:

Let’s just say IB took up most of this time. However, we had our annual service trip at school. This time I chose to go on SOS Lipa in the Philippines. The SOS Children’s Villages focuses on supporting children without parental care and families at risk. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience where I understood the meaning of true love beyond families and the type of relationships you form with people. The children there left a mark in my life with the immense grit they possessed and how determined they were to conquer their dreams despite their background.
Most importantly, they built a family and I think that was what mattered most.


GRADUATION FOR THE CLASS OF 2018. The day was FINALLY here. It was genuinely overwhelming to this the end was hitting us. I think all my friends will remember me as the student that came late for the graduation ceremony. I had another award ceremony concurrently and therefore I could only make it to a later point in time within the graduation ceremony. Since the names are called block-wise and I live in block 2, I missed the moment my name was called. I will vividly remember the sheer panic of messages I received from all my friends during those two hours – all those “WHERE ARE YOU?”, “DID YOU JUST MISS YOUR GRADUATION?!?” and “SNEHAA HOW TF ARE YOU LATE TO GRAD TOO?” will always be remembered. But, my name was recalled during block 4 hence I still had the opportunity to go up on stage and still collect my certificate. An eventful day indeed.
I would like to take this time to thank everyone that has been with me throughout my journey. A special thank you to my parents for providing this life-changing opportunity to take up a challenge and witness the world in the span of 20 months, I genuinely couldn’t have done it without the both of you. To the Class of 2018, you’re all changemakers and I cannot wait to see all that you’ll get up. Being one of your class representatives’ is a genuine honor and I look forward to seeing all of you in 10 years. I wish you all the luck, love and happiness your way.
June composed of a wonderful and fulfilling break I took with my parents to the Los Angeles and South America of which I will write a separate post for. I thank you for allowing me to capture my experiences and memories through this blog and if you have taken the time to read it, I truly appreciate it.
All the love.

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