1. Memo’s music from next door
2. The view from Block 3 rooftop
3. Eating Indomie with Nadia at 11:30pm
4. Biriyani sessions with MESCA
6. Ridiculous dancing with Martina (during CCE)
7. Matthew’s countless gym stories
8. The collective eye-roll when someone is BS-ing during GIF (cue @EmiliaPokta)
9.  Trevor Marriott (Rock’s fan club)
10. Emilia and her countless GIF, Assembly commentaries/rants
11. When the tutor group is on time for tutor outing (which is never)
12. Cookie Sessions
13. When Trevor gets mad at Jay (for being late for the 50th time)
14.  Last week of Year 1
15.  Using the boys’ bathroom almost always
16.  Ben’s singing while he fills up his water
17. Mohammad’s love for gym and his passion for gains
18. Being feelsy with Ale
19. Late night convos with Audrey
20. Late night conversations
21. Trying to Spanish with Ale
22. Laughing at Magan’s jokes
23. Eating nutella with bread

24. Ashwin walking into our room at precisely 1:30 am asking for food or the most random of things

25. When Claudia is next door and actually says “hi” to me on the rare occasions

26. Memo’s spontaneous love for Econ and questions by popping into 307

27. Memo’s Chinese skills